Image of some of the MegaPunks

10,000 MegaPunk Ordinal NFTs

Mint Date
Feb 28 2023
Total supply
Mint price
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Mint process and timeline

Feb 28

Allowlist Sale for ERC721 NFT

Mar 01

Public Sale for ERC721 NFT

Mar 02

ERC721 NFT Reveal

Mar 06

Magic Bitcoin Box Application live: send your Ordinal to a specific Bitcoin address or Emblem Vault. Trading Freeze on ERC721 NFT

Mar 09–11

Magic Bitcoin Box Application closed. ERC721 NFT metadata updated to REDACTED. Ordinals sent to destination

Coming soon

Allowlist process

We are utilizing a cross-chain wallet capture tool developed by Apollo to construct our allowlist, which collects wallet addresses.Our platform is compatible with and

Image of some of the MegaPunks
Answers to common queries

Frequently Asked Questions

Ordinal theory is a method of producing NFTs on the Bitcoin blockchain, with all content stored directly on the chain for optimal transparency and immutability, making it an ideal solution for NFTs.
Yes, Megapont has been creating art since 2021, and as a result, we can efficiently transition into a high-quality Ordinal collection due to our constant work on new art pieces.
It is an ERC721 NFT like any other on OpenSea or other marketplaces. There are some novel changes to account for the MegaPunks functionality, but principally it is no different from any other ERC721 token.
Burning of the POP NFT can occur on the first day of ownership, but we recommend holders to retain their tokens on Ethereum if they intend to trade and promote their NFTs to a wider market. It's essential to note that this process is irreversible, meaning once the POP NFT is converted into an Ordinal NFT, there is no option to switch back.
We chose to mint our tokens on Ethereum to maintain control over the quantity, allowlists, and timings, and offer our users an instantly tradeable asset with a user-friendly experience that they are familiar with.
We make no guarantees about our future actions regarding MegaPunks post-mint. It's essential to note that we have been operating in this space transparently for several years through Megapont. We are not stopping.
To mint your MegaPunks, return to our website on the designated minting day and connect your Ethereum wallet.
Our allowlist will be managed by the Apollo cross-chain wallet capture application. We aim to release a live document outlining the eligibility criteria for the allowlist as soon as possible. Those on the allowlist will be able to mint initially, while the remaining supply will be made available for public minting later that same day.